UltraSonic Handgun [ 35KHZ 1200 Watt ]

Product Details

One key start, simple operation and easy to start with for customers. Imported CPU and drive unit to ensure reliable power supply. Effectively balance the amplitude while frequency is locked based on the frequency and amplitude control using PID. Power outburst mode, save energy comparing to the traditional ultrasonic hand-held welding machine. Welding amplitude adjustable from to 100% by 1% step.applications. The Horn and fixture of the machine can be modified according to the usage and applications. The client provides the details of the product, generally a sample or a cad model, then our Engineering team develops the Horns in accordance with the product. The machine is compact and robust and can be used in any working environment. Leo Sonic provides best in the market price with an efficient maintenance support and one-year warranty.

Frequency 20 KHz, 15 KHz
Voltage 220 V
Machine Journey 275-445 mm
Horn Journey 75 mm
Power 1500W(20Khz), 2600W(15Khz), 3200W(15Khz)
Air Pressure 1-7 Bar
Weight 100 Kg approx.(including Generator)
Welding area 220 mm
Production Speed 2-3 sec/piece
Oscillation Time 0.01-9.99s
Press Size 650*400*1400 mm
Warranty 1 Year

Easy to Operate
Fast welding Time
Low Cost-Low maintenance
High Performance
High Durability
Low Power Consumption
Less Vibration
Best Quality

Electrical and electronic components
Household and Home appliances
Toys and stationary
Packaging and many plastics related products


Materials that can be used are PP, PE PA, ABS PMMA etc. Leo Sonic Standard Ultrasonic Machine passes all the
Safety and Quality norms. Every Machine comes with a Handy and easy to understand machine manual. A basic
training of the machine is provided by our support team.