ULTRASONIC generator

Product Details

The Leo Sonic Ultrasonic Handgun is used to weld thermoplastics manually. This easy to use handgun is used for the applications where the component size is usually larger in size and difficult to access. The pressure and friction of the gun melts the plastic at the contact point and the two components are welded after a cooling period. The Gun is available in the design displayed in the picture. It has an ergonomic handle for a good grip. The diameter is small and straight and is available in different frequencies for different products. The tool design is simple and multifunctional as per the product and requirement. Leo Sonic provides a detailed information when the product info is shared with our representative.

Frequency 20 KHz, 35 KHz
Power 1500W , 1000W
Weight 10-12 Kg approx.
Voltage 220V
Amplitude Adjustable Control


PP Sheets


 3 ply Mask Ear Loop weld


Corrugated Boxes and many other functions.