Transducer Booster 15 KHz

Product Details

Leo Sonic provides high quality range of Ultrasonic Plastic welding machines which can be used in various applications. The Horn and fixture of the machine can be modified according to the usage and applications. The client provides the details of the product, generally a sample or a cad model, then our Engineering team develops the Horns in accordance with the product. The machine is compact and robust and can be used in any working environment. Leo Sonic provides best in the market price with an efficient maintenance support and one-year warranty.

Frequency 15 KHz
Output Power 2600 W
Ceramic Disc Dia. 60mm
Qty. of Ceramic Disc 4
Amplitude 16 ┬Ám
Material Stainless Steel

The 15 KHz Leo Sonic Transducer Booster can be connected to standard ultrasonic machine with a
combination of horn and generator. The transducer transforms high-frequency electrical energy into high-
frequency mechanical vibrations. It can be used in various applications in numerous industries-
Non-woven fabric clothing
Home appliances etc.
The transducer and booster can be used with different horns with three material options such as aluminium,
titanium and steel. The product is tested prior to shipping and is built with excellent quality. It is resistant to heat
and can be used in various temperature ranges. Mechanical strength and high conversion capacity. The 15 KHZ
transducer Booster can be mounted easily with bolting process. Welding materials can be PP, PE, POM.